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3 Policemen Dismissed For Unlawful Arrest And Extortion


The Nigerian Police force has dismissed 3 policemen attached to the Area N Command, Ijede, Ikorodu, Lagos State, for unlawful arrest and extortion.

The dismissed copS Inspector Okelue Nkemeonye with Administrative Police Number, 136005; Sergeant Braimoh Sunday, with Force Number, 355897, and Yusuf Olukoga with F.No., 359928, had, on June 21, extorted a graduate who had gone to deposit some money at a bank in Ikorodu.

Via a petition written to the Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, the graduate revealed that the policemen accused him of being a Yahoo boy (Internet fraudster), and asked him to pay N1m.

He said in his statement: ‘I went to the bank this morning (June 21) to deposit money to a company’s account, but there was no network; so I deposited the money into my personal account to do the transfer to the account later. When I came out of the bank, I saw a van with some SARS policemen inside.
‘I was told to enter the vehicle at gunpoint. They collected my mobile phone and asked me what I did for a living. I told them that I had just finished my youth service and I was living with my brother. I pointed my brother’s shop to them to stop by and see him because he was the one that sent me to the bank.

‘They refused to wait and they did not allow me to pick my calls or make any call. I received an alert on my phone confirming the money I went to deposit.
‘They searched my phone and on seeing the alert, they said I was a Yahoo boy, telling me that I would pay them N1m. One of them slapped me.’

He added saying N50,000 was eventually collected from him after being beaten and that they also extorted other victims of N200,000.

Lagos Police PRO, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole has also said that two other sergeants and a constable attached to the Isheri Osun Police Station, Lagos, have been detained after two suspected robbers escaped from the cell.

Photos: Woman Who Kidnapped Teen Girl In Lagos Napped, Stripped & Paraded Naked


A woman who already successfully kidnapped a teen girl at Ajao estate in Lagos, was yesterday nabbed by her uncle who raised alarm about the kidnap and was beaten and stripped naked. Facebook user Ogechi Vincent Udeh narrated how it all happened and how she was nabbed. God is good. Please continue…
‘Wonders shall never end oooo my pipl pls we all need to be careful ooo don’t send ur young wards out unaccompanied. Becos dis kinds are everywhere now. Dis story I’m about to share happened in my area. Okeafa dat canoe new road dat leads to ajao estate n many oda places most of us shld be conversant with d road on d pictures below.d pictures below are dat of a woman kidnapper who hypnotized a teenage girl from ajao estate.Taking her to God knws where.

She took dis gurl from ajao estate all in d name of looking for a warehouse,d innocent girl has been hypnotized n working under her instructions.so she followed her from ajao estate wen dey get to canoe my street to be precise her co worker appeared two guys asking Dem wat dey are looking for dis woman said she doesn’t understand English as she is from Togo n speaks n understands French only.so d oda guy interpreted telling d girl dat she said she is looking for a warehouse.

D oda guy now said dat der is one at ejigbo. Dat dey shld take marwa from der. As dey were waiting for marwa d innocent girl sighted her uncle’s car passing by n her uncle also has seen her standing with dis strange so he stopped,bfore d guy could finish parking dis woman ran into my street n hid behind some cars parked der.d gurl told her uncle dat dey are looking for a warehouse ooo. D guy asked her who she was with? D gurl turned bck n couldn’t find d woman.

D woman in her hide out saw dat d man has entered bck into her car she came out again dragging d gurl dat dey shld go ooo,dat she shld forget abt her uncle.Not knowing dat d man is still watching.D man came out n rushed to where dey were immediately dis very woman dat claimed to be from Togo n dosnt understand English or any other language started speaking Igbo.

telling d guy dat she doesn’t know d gurl oo.Dis n dat.Dats how dey started beating her n asked her der intentions on d gurl.She confessed dat after collecting money from d parents,dat dey hav pipl dey supply with human parts.N dat dey will sale d gurl to Dem for rituals. If not for police intervention. She would hav been history by now because dey wanted to burn her down to ashes. May God help us all. because no one is save’

Preyella – Money Party



Preye Godwin Popularly known for her stage name preyella,From bayelsa state! Is finally here with her new banging official single “Money Party” which is getting massive airplays around the globe
Watch out for the new wave
Twitter: @preyella01
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Audio & Video: Minister Ladi – “You Are Glorious”



Sequel to his induction into the Nigerian Gospel/Contemporary music scene with a high Level of anticipation by lovers of good music all over.
“Play Me Entertainment” present to you Audio and Visual of the much talked about African praise  by sensational act MINISTER LADI titled “You Are Glorious” produced by ‘Gbenga Ajayi‘ .
Apparently this is his first official single as a solo act, which serves as a mark for many other amazing Songs to come as the year rolls by.
Connect With Minister Ladi on All social media platforms Twitter/Instagram/facebook:- @ministerladi  

Uchaay – Body (Prod by Naixor)



Ibe uche well known for his stage “Uchaay” is here with another banging afrobeat sound, ready to storm the industry with his latest single tittled BODY a song you must all have on your playlist,and already getting massive airplays in top radio station around the world, and currently working on the visuals with the LDK team, Dj’s don’t dull, trust me BODY is a vibe.
Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram: @Uchaay1




Photos: Luxury Yacht Explodes Into Flames


A huge luxury yacht has burst into flames at a beach known for its celebrity visitors, sending a plume of black smoke into the sky.

The massive boat, thought to be worth millions of pounds, suddenly caught on fire close to Pampelonne beach in St Tropez, France.

Sun-worshippers and families relaxing on the beach looked on in horror as the 65ft-long boat was engulfed by flames at around 6.30pm yesterday.

The area is popular among stars, with Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble recently photographed holidaying on a boat in the region.

A Swedish tourist captured a video on his mobile phone, which shows people stood in disbelief on the sand as the vessel continued to burn.

The beach is a favourite with celebrities, who arrive by boat. Their vessels are then usually moored in the sea, as they sample what the French resort has to offer.

The luxury boat which caught fire appeared to have a Belgian flag attached.

However, it has not been confirmed who owns the boat, or what the cause of the fire was

He Has On Countless Occasions Infected Me With STDs – Woman Begs Court For Divorce


Mrs Sandra Nwabisi,a trader by profession,  on Wednesday pleaded with an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve her marriage because of her husband’s alleged infidelity.

According to the 33-year old,her husband, Hope, is a chronic cheat, who ha on countless occasions brought his lovers to their matrimonial home and infecting her with Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

“My husband runs after anything on skirt. He comes home with different girls of different sizes and colours.
“Whenever I challenge him to take the girls to hotels, he always descends on me with severe beating.
“Hope has infected me with different STDs due to his amorous life,” the trader lamented.

She alerted the court that Hope was also threatening to kill her and that her life was in danger.

“He wants to kill me. He beats me with cutlass whenever we have misunderstandings.
“He beats me in church, market place, everywhere. On many occasions, he blinded my eyes. There was a day he beat me and I fainted,” the estranged woman said.

The mother of three described her man as an ingrate, who could not appreciate that she rented the house they were living in since the inception of their marriage.

She said that she was also the one taking care of their children’s school fees, begging the court to terminate the marriage before it was too late.

“I’m no longer in love with him and I’m also no longer interested in the marriage,’’ she pleaded.

However, Hope denied all the allegations.

He said that what used to cause their frequent fighting was that his wife used to accommodate her married friends in their house.

“Sandra brings her friends home to spend days and whenever I told her to send her friends away, she will fight me.”
The 44-year-old businessman said also that Sandra was threatening to kill him.
“My wife once put ‘Jik’, used for washing clothes in my food.
“I perceived the odour of the Jik when I removed the food from the fridge. When I called her attention to the food, she quickly carried the food and disposed of it.
“Because of that action, I stopped eating her food and stopped making love to her since October last year.”

Hope said that he never brought his lovers into their matrimonial home and that he had never beaten Sandra.

He consented to the dissolution of the marriage, saying that he too was tired and was no longer in love with Sandra.

The President of the court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to Sept. 5 for further hearing.


But Is It Fair You Let Your Sister Out Like This?


But why are you people like this. You cant even control your sister

But why hating on someone’s success? Queen jumia splashes out her mind towards some people in her private life.



My name is nworgu victoria jummai , From abia state ,isi Ala ngwa north to be precise, Nigeria based model and super international model a student of Nassarawa state university from French department, Missgoodwill ambassador 2016/2017 You’re happy. You’re living your life plans, or about to. You’re confident and calm. You know you’re doing good things, and you’re relieved that you’ve finally got your shit together.

Good things can happen to good people.

And then they arrive. The bubble busters determined to bring you back down to reality and make you feel bad.

They slip in unnoticed and at a time when you’ve finally stopped beating up on yourself.

They remind you that you’re not that special.

We’ve all met them, possibly over and over again. They project their fears and limitations to squash you.

On another level comes the haters. Who can work them out? They show their face to complete strangers just to vent their anger.

They kill your enthusiasm. They kill your confidence. They kill your self-love. They make you agonize over your choices and doubt every word you speak and action you take.

Travel used to be a shield for me. It never held me down to any particular way of living and being. I was free to roam as myself and meet other people who were also free to be.

Dream stealers and naysayers were there before I set off on my adventures, trying to make me feel guilty or stupid for following a dream. But once I hit the road, I escaped from them.

And haters and trolls? Well, I didn’t know too much about that. I didn’t stick around in one place for them to stick on me.

Travel doesn’t afford me that bubble privilege anymore. Technology allows the haters to infiltrate. And well, we have a popular travel blog, which means we have somewhat of a public profile. Although that idea kinda sits funny with me.

Not only can the haters infiltrate my space a lot easier, but they come too frequently.

It takes a lot of effort to hold my head up and continue to believe that people are mostly kind and loving like travel taught me.

get upset, less by what they say and do to me, but more by the illusion of an awesome world they shatter for me.

Sometimes it comes in waves, or in droves, or if you’re lucky fits and starts. No matter the frequency or severity, it will come. It’s just the way it is. We need to prepare ourselves for it and have a plan of action to follow when it does.

You need strength of spirit, heart and soul and a belief in what you are doing.

In having the courage to stand up and share even when people are throwing tomatoes at you.

Something I’ve heard said many times about celebrities; I’ve said it myself, is that“Well they put themselves out there so they should expect to cop some flack.”

That’s such a stupid and inhumane statement.

They should be applauded and respected for their willingness to share their story and not let their music die within them. They shouldn’t shut up and put up just because they’re a celebrity. It doesn’t mean they have to give up their right to be respected.

Whether you’re someone in the public light, or someone intent on living the best life they can, or even just someone, you’ll have to deal with bullies and the haters, and on a less malicious degree, the dream stealers.

It’s not easy as forgetting about it or blocking it out as most people advise. I bet you can’t do that either.

It eats away at you because it’s struck a chord and there’s something you need to do with it. That’s why some haters and insults we forget about easily and others persist in making us feel miserable.

The truth is, there’s nothing anybody can say to you that you haven’t said to yourself already.

“You’re fat, you’re ugly. Look at your wrinkles. No one cares what you have to say. You’re unlovable.” all those hateful things we whisper to ourselves.

The haters make you feel like they are exposing the bad bits about yourself. Even though your bad bits aren’t really there, it’s just all imagined out of fear, or years of other people’s judgements!!

I’ve had a bad week with haters infiltrating my space. Most of them don’t bother me, but some of them hit that place of vulnerability.

As a queen I seriously have a lot of people looking up to me and people I’m actually mentoring and all that, I’m a very busy person I don’t even have much time for myself as I wish then to even give out my whole time to someone who is just their trying to sabotage my image, so I can’t throw insulting words on anybody then putting up some sense of reasoning in that particular person, I know we all have our imperfections but one should know how to handle that, don’t be a reminder to someone’s private life  you don’t know….i believe hating or criticising someone won’t pay your bills nor add some billions to your account so why not sit and  get busy with your life or be creative so the leaders of tomorrow will learn from you and possible impact positively in ones life.

Olumba – Heard About Me Ft daveseun, slicksams & fulleffex



HAVE YOU HEARD BOUT ME? damn kon hear fire Jam.. from OLUMBA LO SHEY BEAT’s Kitchen.. featuring daveseun slicksams fulleffex_ prod by @Olumba    #OLSB .. y’all cop this and share #africatotheworld Good music with so much energy

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