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Famous Politician Shot Dead By Sleeping Policeman In Kwara



Tragedy struck at a hotel in Oro, Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State about 11.15pm on Friday when a policeman, Yunus Muideen, allegedly shot dead, a popular politician in the LGA, Femi Awoyale.

Awoyale was said to be a former Irepodun LG chairmanship aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party.

It is provided that youths of Oro town launched protest when they heard of Awoyale’s death.

According to an eye witness who pleaded anonymity, the management of the hotel had invited policemen to ensure security of lives and property at the hotel for Valentine fun seekers.

He added that about 11.15pm on Friday, Muideen, a corporal, who was said to have been sleeping after allegedly being drunk, was woken up by noise from the vicinity.

It has been learnt that the cop thinking that the noise was from trouble makers shot twice in the air apparently to scare the suspected hooligans. The source added that after the noise had stopped, Muideen who is a corporal was about to take another nap when he suddenly hit his gun against the wall.

After the gun had hit the wall, one of them reportedly hit Awoyale on the chest. The politician subsequently fell down and died before he could be treated.

2015 Elections: INEC Denies Influence From Presidency, PDP




The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has debunked allegations that it acted the script of the presidency or ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), by fixing the Presidential/National Assembly elections first in its 2015 elections timetable.

Cross River State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Mike Igini told The Guardian that the Commission’s decision was in line with the provisions of the 1999 constitution as amended.

“Why do we politicize everything in this country? In 2011, we held National Assembly election first, followed by the presidential election and the rest. Our decision to conduct both Presidential/National Assembly the same day in 2015 is to save costs and manpower. If we hold the two elections on different days, it will cost the Commission more money. The Commission is not acting anybody’s script but working within its constitutional powers.

“In the 1964 general elections, federal election was first conducted, before the regional election. The Commission has the power to fix the 2015 election timetable the other way round, but there is nothing wrong with the timetable we released for the next general elections,” he insisted.

Speaking further, he said demands that all elections should hold in one day is impossible, since a voter will be issued with five ballot papers at once.

Many observers, opposition parties including the All Progressives Congress (APC), have kicked against the timetable, alleging that it was fixed to favour the PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan in particular.


“MC Loph was not my friend,we just did a song together”-Flavour



You know after MC Loph died, several reports claimed his mum(now late) was disappointed in Flavour for never visiting or calling her. It was also reported that MC Loph was the one who housed Flavour when he first came to Lagos.After his passing, Flavour sang a tribute in his honour …Here is what Flavour said in an interview with Punch

“MC Loph and I weren’t as close as people thought. I met Loph through Mr. Raw when I came to Lagos. He wanted me to produce for him the same way I was producing for Mr. Raw. Somehow, we came together and we did the Osondi Owendi song. We later found out that we came from the same village.I played a very big part in the song. People would always want me to perform the song. But I couldn’t. What is the essence of collaborating when you cannot play the song? It didn’t make any sense. He said people told him I was performing his song. I felt, ‘oh, it is now your song?’ That was the last time we really spoke to each other. I decided to ‘free’ him.Yes. ………

We were not friends at all. We just did a song together. People just had a misconception about the whole thing. I never told anybody this before and I still insist it is not something we should talk about.
I met his mother just once in my life. We went for a show at Nnewi (Anambra State) and we passed through our village. He got down to see his mother and I followed him. I greeted her and I gave her money that day. She was very happy. We left. I was surprised when people started saying I abandoned his mother when he died. It is not fair to talk about this since he is no more. But then, I feel it is time I became honest and open up because people have said a lot of things about me. It is not fair. He never greeted my father one day, let alone visiting him. But I couldn’t confront him because of that. I felt he didn’t have any business with my father. He could choose to greet him or not. We were not related, we just came from the same village.”

” Fuck you d**ks.’I am Yeezus”Kanye curses out two DJ’s for 4minutes because they called him “egotistical”



Lol that didn’t take long. After vowing not to be insultive for atleast 6 months, Kanye bowed to pressure during his Yeezus concert in Pennsylvania on Thursday he stopped rapping so he could rant about two DJs – Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club and Sway of Sway In The Morning – that had called him ‘egotistical’ during their shows.

He said while pacing and screaming at the top of his voice..

You tryin’ to make a joke out of what we do?’What the fuck do you do?…  What have you done with your motherfukin’ life?’Stop that shit – this is what the fuck I’m talking about. Ten years of this shit. if I go to your radio interview then shut the fuckup..We in the studio every night. We get up at 5 am, we write nice shit, working hard on that shit, this ain’t no joke,
‘We think about nobody, we think about Shakespeare, we think about Beethoven, what can we make for y’all, what u playin’ in y’all way to school on y’all way to work. What can we make to y’all feel better?You tryin’ to make a joke out of what we do?. ‘What the fuck do u do?

They gonna say I’m screaming – let, me say it in a nice tone so you don’t think I’m upset.’
Anybody who… what have you done with ur motherfuckin life, Charlamagne, Sway? Fuck you d**ks.’I am Yeezus.’That was the intermission now I will continue with the show.’


TRAGEDY: 26 Die In Enugu Accident



Twenty six persons were confirmed dead on Friday in an accident that occurred at the Oji-River junction, Enugu state.

A police bulletin signed be the spokesman of the Enugu state police command, Ebere Amaraizu said the accident took place along the old Enugu-Onitsha road.

Police said the tragedy “occurred when a lorry conveying gravel allegedly failed brake and lost control thereby killing people within the popular wonderful market.”

It said investigations have commenced to find out the real death toll as well as numbers of the injured as well as the likely cause of the alleged incident.



PHOTOS: Man Caught Having S£x With His Daughters In Lagos!




A 35-year-old bus driver, Adeleke Adetayo, who was charged with sleeping with his nine-year-old and 13-year-old daughters, has been sentenced by the Family Court unit of an Ikeja Chief Magistrate’s Court to 14 years imprisonment.
In July 2013, It was reported how Adetayo’s two daughters were rescued after a s*xual abuse that lasted two years.

Another report was published in December 2013, detailing the children’s life at the Lagos State Children’s Home, where they lamented that they had been scarred for life as a result of the abuse they suffered from their father.

The six-month trial of Adetayo culminated in him finally pleading guilty to s*xual assault of his children.

In her judgement, Chief Magistrate A. Oshoniyi found Adetayo guilty of s*xual abuse and child defilement, sentencing him to seven years each for the crime against each child.

The judgment has been hailed by activists and government officials involved in the case, who stated that it was a victory for the Child Rights Act, 2005, which has hitherto been flouted by many criminals.

The Child Rights Act prescribes a sentence of 14 years for a person found guilty of having s*xual intercourse with a child.

Director of the Esther Child Rights Foundation, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, who rescued the children and handed them over to the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviationn, hailed the judgment as a message to paedophiles in the state that the law would catch up with them.

She said, “I cannot be happier about how this case turned out. It is not only about the fact that the law has prevailed but that it is now clear that child defilement cases can be effectively prosecuted.

“Anybody who feels that defiling children is their core competence should understand that it is just a matter of time, the law will catch up with them. The lives of those children have been changed forever, their father should spend some time to ruminate about that behind bars.”

Director of Child Services in the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Mrs. Dada Fadairo, who had overseen the case of the children, told our correspondent to call back when she was contacted for comment on the judgment, but she did not pick subsequent calls.

There was no way of reaching the mother of the abused children, Kemi, for comment. The woman who has since remarried in Oyo Stat has remained incommunicado since her children were taken into custody by the state government.

Adetayo is to spend his sentence at the Kirikiri Prisons.

Bracket – Tonight Ft. Flavour [Prod. Jaystuntz]





Bracket and Flavour are taking us straight to the dancefloor with their latest collaboration titled “Tonight”.

Both brands are seasoned Eastern modern Highlife and Afro-Pop hitmakers, scoring massive hits across the whole of Africa in the last 5 years. With “Tonight”, they’ve just created another banger to add to their glowing and ever-growing list.



PhantomBeatz – Tuale ft Dynamyt, Judo, Shuga, Simple




This is a Respect Track to everyone hustling. These four wonderful
artists teamed up with one of Nigeria’s finest Producers(PhantomBeatz)
to say Tuale to the Hustlers. @DamilareDynamyt @judokitt @itzshugakeyz
@simple_jay12 @itsphantombeatz



BBA winner Dillish’s boyfriend confirms their split:Opens up on Flavour




A few days back, I reported that Dillish and her boo Stephen had brokenup and it looks like she may have a thing with Flavour (READ HERE).Her boyfriend has opened up to the Namibian Sun where he gives reasons for the breakup…He says it was mainly because he flirted with a Nigerian woman..Their report below…..

“It wasn’t about money. It’s just that we both agreed that we are better apart. Dillish isn’t just physically beautiful, she is also amazing and I respect her,”While Dillish was on the show, there was a Nigerian woman who was helping to campaign for people in her country to vote for her. I was in contact with her because I helped with the campaigning.” Gaeseb paused again, before continuing.We flirted via text messages and so on. I mean all guys flirt, it doesn’t mean you intend on acting on it. She then sent a snapshot of our conversations to a friend of Dillish, who eventually sent it to Dillish.” “We had an argument about that, which led to an argument about other things and we both said some things that we wish we didn’t. After that we decided to break-up and haven’t been together since December.”The pregnancies and the cheating rumours are all ridiculous. I wish people will give us our privacy and let it go now. We both need our privacy and we love each and probably always will so we need our privacy”

He said contrary to rumours, he had not impregnated another woman.

 “I was shocked when I heard that I impregnated another girl and that I have many other kids. I have a ten-year-old boy. This alleged pregnancy is just untrue,”

Asked about rumours that Dillish is dating Nigerian singer Flavour N’abania, Gaeseb said ..

“I doubt Dillish is seeing Flavour, but if she is, then it won’t be to spite me. Dillish isn’t a spiteful woman. It’s not her kind of thing. “

Contract Scam: Ex- House of Reps Speaker, Dimeji Bankole, Is Discharged and Acquitted




A Federal High Court siting in Abuja on February 14, 2014, Friday, discharged and acquitted a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, of any complicity in a 16-count charge brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissio (EFCC).

The former Speaker was standing trial on a 16 criminal count charge of contract inflation and fraudulent embezzlement of public funds.

The court, presided over by Justice Evoh Stephen Chukwu, held that based on the testimonies of the six witnesses called by the prosecution, the former Speaker was not associated with any wrong doing in the processes leading to the award of the said contracts to justify his being called to enter his defence in the trial.

He further held that the prosecution failed to prove the essential ingredients to justify the charge where the former Speaker was alleged to have colluded with others as covered by counts 3, 6, 9, 12, 13 and 14 of the charge, noting that collusion connotes an agreement to commit a crime which was not shown by the prosecution witnesses in their testimonies.

“From the totality of the six witnesses, nothing shows any act of collusion on the part of the accused person. Nothing shows that he interfered with the process of the award of the contracts. No mention about anybody fronting for him was made by the prosecution witnesses and the process was also said to have complied with the requirements. Based on the totality of these witnesses’ testimonies, I hold that there is nothing to justify his being called to enter his defence as none of the essential ingredients have been proved by the prosecution,” the court ruled.

The court thereafter discharged and acquitted the former Speaker of all the charges.

This is the second time the former Speaker will be discharged and acquitted having received similar verdict before an Abuja High Court where he was arraigned for allegedly obtaining illegal loans totaling about N9 billion for the House of Representatives while at the helm of affairs.

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