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PHOTO: Sad-Mother can’t kiss or cuddle 8-year old son because his skin falls off


A mother cannot kiss or cuddle her young son because every time she does his skin blisters and falls off.
Rhys Williams is covered from head to toe in agonising blisters, leaving him in too much pain to even be hugged by his parents.
The brave eight-year-old, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, suffers from a severe skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa (EB).It is an excruciatingly painful condition which causes blistering and leads to open wounds.
His condition is incurable and causes his skin and internal tissue to blister at the slightest knock or rub, leaving him with painful open wounds.The agony is so severe the youngster even had to take morphine to control the pain and it takes him three hours to have a bath.

PHOTO: Hong Kong Billioniare doubles his offer from £40M to £80m to any man who can turn his lesbian daughter straight


 Where all the guys at? Recall last year a Honk Kong billionaire offered £40m to any man who could turn his lesbian daughter straight? Now he has doubled the offer to £ 80m lol
Cecil Chao raised the reward to HK$1million (£80million) after thousands of eligible bachelors failed to convince his daughter Gigi to marry any of them.
The 77-year-old property magnate insists that 34-year-old Gigi is ‘still single’ despite the fact that she married her long-term partner Sean Eav two years ago

 Chao told a Malaysian newspaper that despite offering HK$500million, approximately £40million, and 20,000 men registering their interest in taking up the quest, Gigi is still not in a straight marriage.
He said that he did not want to interfere with his daughter’s private life, but that he wanted her to have ‘a good marriage and children’.

‘I don’t think my dad’s offering of any amount of money would be able to attract a man I would find attractive,’ she told South China Morning Post.’Alternatively, I would be happy to befriend any man willing to donate huge amounts of money to my charity Faith in Love, provided they don’t mind that I already have a wife.
‘Third and lastly, thank you Daddy, I love you too.’

PHOTO: K Switch’s girlfriend Miss Liberia 2011 marks 1year anniversary with a romantic


K-Switch is taken by a Liberian beauty queen Meenakshi Subramani. She sent him a lovely reminder on twitter and instagram..
How sweet..waiting for his sweeter reply…

PHOTO:14year old stabs 11-yr old sister 40 times because she was not thankful


A suburban Chicago teen confessed to stabbing her 11-year-old sister to death Tuesday morning because she is ‘not thankful.’
Dora Betancourt had as many as 40 stab wounds across her neck, chest and arms, as well as slashes to her face. Her 14-year-old sister reportedly shouted a separate reason at her for each stab wound.
The teenage suspect initially claimed a Hispanic male had broken into their Mundelein, Illinois, home, but she allegedly confessed after police revealed they had found a strand of the killer’s hair in the victim’s hand.
Authorities told local media the older sister waited while young Dora slept before taking a kitchen knife and committing the grisly murder.

The unidentified older sister stabbed and slashed the young girl in a frenzied attack, shouting a reason at her sister each time she plunged the knife into her body, police said.
Stab wounds were found in the girl’s neck, arms and torso, some of them defensive wounds. The young girl’s body had so many wounds they couldn’t count them all… [and] were so deep they punctured her lung.’
‘A struggle ensued,’ Assistant State’s Attorney Claudia Kasten told the courtroom, according to CBS Chicago. ‘She kept stabbing.’
The teen kept stabbing and slashing until Dora’s body fell lifelessly off the bed and then called her mother claiming she had been woken by her sister’s screams, authorities said.

The girls’ mother wept during a Wednesday court hearing where prosecutors claimed that the older girl had set her alarm early and made her attack while her little sister was still in bed.
‘With each stab wound, she said she was not thankful for what she had done,’ Ms Kasten said,
The older girl told investigators she made dinner six times that week and that her sister made her mad after hitting her the night before.

Their mother was not home at the time of the attack, which happened just before 8:30 a.m.
The girl wore gray prison scrubs, sat stone-faced during the hearing and left quickly when it was over, as her mother sat at the same table, but without looking at her.
The sisters shared the same mother but have a different father.

Jesse Jagz – God on the Mic [VIDEO]



This is the fourth Video release off the Jagz Nation Vol.1 Album. Animation by J.O King, A HOZ Africa production. Enjoy.

Dr Sid – Surulere ft Don Jazzy [VIDEO]



Official Video of Mavin Records artist Dr SID’s monster hit single SURULERE (which means patience is rewarding) off his sophomore album SIDUCTION.

Starring: Funke Akindele, Helen Paul and Blossom Chukwujekwu
The video tells a story of a young couple who find it difficult to have a baby, and despite pressure from the extended family stay together and finally conceive.

Angel – Ride Out ft Iyanya [Dance Hall Version]



Here is Cool Dj Maxi Dance Hall Version of Ride Out By Angel Featuring Iyanya ..Dope Mashup I must Agree…Listen and share your thought!!


Ras Kimono Angry Over Death Rumors: “You Bloggers Will Die This Year”



Iconic raggae artiste Ras Kimono is alive and well, and is not at all happy with the rumor peddlers.

Stories had flooded the internet on minor blogs reporting the death of the Rastafari Chant singer, eliciting a very angry response from him.

Ras Kimono posted on his Facebook page that “those peddling false rumors… will die this year”.


23yr old girl claims Davido is the father of her unborn twins


21 year old music superstar Davido is about to be a father to twin girls in a few months, if claims by 23 year old Sunshine Haye is to be believed. The UK-based beauty (she’s from the Caribbean, half Jamaican) claims she hooked up with Davido during his UK tour in 2013. She is said to be about 4/5 months pregnant. (Sunshine, who is sort of a hair model, is pictured above…)

After getting the scoop, I contacted Davido’s camp and they denied any knowledge of her allegations.

Well you see, this is not the first time popular socialites have claimed to hook up with the musician. In July 2013, a Kenyan socialite Stacey Brianar aka Pendo called a press conference claiming to have had an encounter with the star, the allegations later turned out to be false as Davido never met the star-struck party girl. So, is this now true? Sunshine’s camp swear it is. And have promised to provide proof in due time.

She’s even gone on to decorate a nursery for the babies- their room is Disney themed, and has already picked out names for her unborn children.

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