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REVEALED: There Is Fire On The Mountain In Mercy Johnson’s Matrimonial Home (MUST SEE)



I heard this gist days back ago but the fact that it has come up again, only signifies a little truth.
Veteran Nollywood actress — Mercy Johnson who is married to an Edo Prince, Odianosen Okojie, apparently wasn’t Odianosen’s first wife; Odianosen was married before he got married to Mercy.
If you can all remember, Mercy Johnson’s marriage to the reach Edo Prince was almost interrupted but finally pulled through uccessfully; apparently, the controversy that almost stopped Odianosen’s wedding with Mercy might not be fully settled yet.
Reports say that Odianosen’s former wife who is still insisting that she has not fully divorced from the Edo prince is at the moment asking Mercy and her husband to take custody of one of her kids.
I heard that the Canadian based woman, Lovelyn, was recently in Odianosen’s family home in Edo state with her daughter demanding that the father take custody of her; the actress and her husband were summoned for an immediate meeting by family members.
Lovelyn who was said to be present at the meeting had already prepared her daughter for relocation.
Sources says Mercy and her husband stormed out of the meeting and left for Lagos almost immediately when the matter was brought forward, with Odianosen insisting that she take her daughter back to where they are both coming from.

(PHOTOS) OMG NOT AGAIN:See Naija Girl Go Totally Nu*de For Boyfriend On VAL Day



Really i am getting tired of some naija babe,i dont know what has come over them, no day you wont get to see them going n@ked for a guys that dont even love or care for them,they have refused to see that these guys dont care but because of money many we want to still stay.

Another girl was exposed by boyfriend today,these photos was taken on Val day…

They also forget that this is Africa when we take things so personal,they meant call it little things but it count here,nobody we even want to marry you again.

I have said it before and am saying it again,i dont blame these guy,i blame the stupid girls that makes themselves look so cheap and be used.







My Wife’s Boss is The Father of Our Children – Husband Discovers After 25-years of Marriage



A man in Ekiti who is seeking the end of his 25-year-old marriage has revealed how he discovered that he did not father his wife’s fourth child.

57-year-old Isaac Jemibola has petitioned a Customary court sitting in the Ikole area of the state to dissolve his marriage to 48-year-old Olayemi due to adultery on her part.

According to Mr. Jemibola, his wife confessed to the illicit affair which took place in 2002 and further told him that the fourth child wasn’t his but was instead fathered by her former boss.

He urged the court in the petition filed on January 21, to grant him custody of the five children from the marriage. The petitioner told the court that he married Olayemi in 1989 according to the native law and custom. According to him, after retiring to bed on January 19, my wife came to me and knelt down.

“She confessed to have had an extramarital affair with her former boss which resulted in the pregnancy of the fourth child. “My wife said she had given her life to Christ and that her desire to make heaven made her confess based on the advice from her pastor. “She added that the paternity of the fourth child was in doubt since both the boss and I slept with her the same week,’’ he said.

Jemibola further told the court that he reported the matter to his parents who pleaded with the woman to reverse her confession. “She however insisted that she was following the dictates of the Bible. “I purposely don’t want to do the DNA test because I don’t want to hate the child.” he said.

Olayemi admitted committing the offence, but kicked against dissolution of the marriage. “I did it because Jemibola was befriending another woman during the period which made him abandon me for almost six months.

“It was that same period that my former boss, who normally took me to work in his car, made love advances at me. Both men made love with me at almost the same period.

“After some years, I discovered that the child looked quite different from his siblings and out of guilt, I decided to tell him the truth. “I pleaded for his forgiveness but he refused,’’ Olayemi said.

In her ruling, the court president, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, said: “In the interest of justice and in the spirit of promoting reconciliation between the two parties, the case will be adjourned till April 7 for report of settlement.”

Human Eaters In Lagos Attacked By Angry Mob



There was drama yesterday when an angry mob stri*ped unclad two men, Alaba Abiodun and Samuel, who were allegedly eating human flesh,but they were lucky as the timely arrival of policemen who saved them from being set ablaze.

This is how PM news reported the incident:

Earlier, a passer-by along the rail line in Ikeja saw three men in tattered dresses. One of them was making a call and one eating a meat suspected to be human flesh.

The passer-by raised an alarm that attracted the mob which instantly pounced on the two suspect human part eaters. But the one making the phone call managed to escape.

Their problem was compounded when the mob moved to their hideout behind the Ikeja Local Government Secretariat fence and found a cutlass, knife, charms and meat with fat which the mob suspected to be human flesh.

When a detachment of policemen from Area ‘F’ arrived the scene, Abiodun told them, that he was a carpenter but had no money to set up a workshop.

Abiodun claimed to be from Akiniku in Moloney area of Ilaro, Yewa, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria. He added that he made the hideout his residence as he could not afford to rent a room for himself.

He explained that the meat discovered in their hideout was a cow fat which they eat and not human parts.

After intensive questioning, the policemen were convinced that the suspects were mistaken for human parts eaters and sellers by the mob. They were later released.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS on the incident, a police officer who preferred anonymity advised the public to investigate suspected criminals before taking any action.

But for the timely intervention of the policemen, the officer noted, the suspects would have been set ablaze.

How Hospital Bill Made Me Abandon My Wife, Two Day Old Triplets At The hospital – Fleeing Husband



What ordinarily should have been a welcome development and source of joy is giving 32 years old Jimoh Kabiru, an auto-mechanic in Kuto area of Abeokuta, Ogun State, cause for concern following the birth of triplets into his household.

Rather than embrace the bundles of joy with open arms and celebration, Kabiru fled home, abandoning his wife and new born babies at the Lantoro Catholic Hospital Abeokuta.

His wife, Mrs Tope Kabiru, a small-scale fashion designer, was delivered of the triplets on Sunday through caesarian session (CS) and the babies are still kept in incubators to enhance their chances of survival.

From his hideout, Kabiru, who said he makes about N1000 daily from repairing cars, told The Nation that he ran away from home when news got to him that his wife had given birth to triplets because according to him, he does not have about N250, 000 required to offset the hospital bill and buy the essential things the babies need.

Kabiru said: “I ran away from and family members on being told my wife delivered three babies through operation. I have no money in hand for the expense.  I had already N50, 000 my friends rallied to gather for me and there is no other way to get money. I will be requiring about N250, 000 to settle the hospital bill and do other things”, he lamented.

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PHOTO “I joined armed robbery because my flesh was weak” Lagos pastor confesses



Pastor Isaiah Willie of Happy People Bible Church in the Ayobo area of Lagos State a father of two is currently in police custody over his involvement in armed robbery.Narrating to Punch how he and others usually perpetrated bank fraud, he said,

“I used to work with a group of guys who are retired bankers. One of them was even a bank manager. Most times, we would get a virgin cheque of a bank customer and the owner’s signature.

“If the money is a large sum, the teller would contact the owner of the account on the telephone but we would have already hacked the telephone number of the customer such that when the bank calls the owner of the account for confirmation, it would be one of my members that would answer the call and give approval for withdrawal.

“We were able to perpetrate the fraud in Fortune Bank and African Express Bank which are both defunct now. Sometimes we, through the connivance of bank employees, used to clean out dead people’s accounts and use the money to do business. Most times, families of dead people don’t get to access their relative’s account until months or years after the person’s death.”
Willie said he was  arrested by the police   for his fraudulent activities but regained his freedom when his gang members secured his release.

“I met a man who is from my hometown, Confidence Saviour. He was wanted by the police so I told him he could live with me. A few weeks later, he told me to drop some equipment at a nearby bush and later that night, he gave me N10, 000.
“He eventually told me that he and his gang were breaking into ATMs and making a lot of money so I decided to join them. I never followed them for any operation but I usually left their operation tools -such as sledge hammer, generator and iron cutters- near the bank where they wanted to attack and I would leave.
“However, on one occasion, they went to rob at the Ayobo branch of Access Bank. Instead of dropping the equipment and collecting the usual N10, 000, I wanted more money this time around so I hid in a bush nearby. Unfortunately, the robbery did not go as planned as three policemen were killed at the scene. I was later arrested by SARS men when other gang members mentioned my name.”
The cleric, who was close to tears, said he had disappointed God and urged the police to give him one last chance.
While quoting Romans Chapter 6 verse 1, he said, “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid. I know I have disappointed my congregation and I urge them not to backslide. I have been a preacher for over 10 years and I have led many people to God. My flesh was weak. I know that God will forgive me for my crime because I am genuinely sorry.”

EXCLUSIVE: How To Borrow Airtime From MTN When You Run Out Of Call Credit



Airtel users are currently enjoying this Offer, Now its open to MTN Users, You can now borrow Airtime whenever you need to make Urgent calls and don’t have Airtime on your Phone.
This new product according to them allows you request for airtime from the network on credit, when you have run out of airtime and pay later.

NOTE:- The airtime once received, can be used on any billable activity on the network regardless of whether it is voice, data or a Value Added Service.
The service is available to prepaid customers that have between 0-12 Naira on their account balance, and meet an unspecified including tenure on the network, and recharge frequency.

Follow the Simple Steps below:-
=> Dial *606#
=> Use the display menu to check if you are eligible. Mind you, this services attract 10% charge of what you are requesting for.

No be me send you oooo… LOL


PHOTO: Man Allegedly Caught pastor Red Handed Having S*x With His Wife In Imo




The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Imo State has been thrown into crisis as a member of the church, Mr. Charles Alozie sensationally alleged that the President of the Anambra and Imo Conference of the church, Pastor Ephraim Uzodinma Okpulor snatched his wife, Mrs. Chinwe Alozie. Charles Alozie said the incident has put asunder the marriage contracted with Chinwe 12 years ago.

Mrs Chinwe Alozie who works at the church’s headquarters in Owerri as an accounts officer had allegedly started the illicit relationship with the President of the Conference who is a family friend of the Alozies in 2011 unknown to the husband, until the bubble burst in September 2012, when Mr Alozie accidentally discovered some amorous conversations saved on the wife’s BlackBerry cellphone.

The distraught Alozie said the affair between his wife and the pastor has not only ruined his life but had also left him without his children as his estranged wife had absconded with his three children since July 12, 2013.

He also accused the President of the Eastern Nigeria Union Mission, Pastor B.E.O Udoh of allegedly shielding Pastor Okpulor from being investigated for alleged adultery with his wife even when the matter had been officially communicated to him over a year ago.

The embittered man said he was elated when his wife was employed in the church because he had thought that she would be safe in the house of God but regretted that now he felt betrayed by the man who is not only the chief shepherd of the churches in Imo and Anambra states but also a family friend who eats and drinks with him in his house. He was angry that the pastor had allegedly been having an affair with his wife behind his back until God decided to expose them. He claimed that since his discovery of the alleged amorous relationship, his life had been in danger.

“Since I discovered this unholy relationship between my wife and Pastor Okpulor, my life has been under constant threat by the two to the extent that my wife had gone to the landlord and threatened him, warning that if he does not throw me out of the house, that he would be dealt with. I came back from my daily work one evening and the landlord called me and gave me two weeks quit notice because he does not want any problem with anybody on account of my living in his house. I had to plead with him to give me at least a month for me to find another accommodation. It was some members of the church who raised the money for me to pay. Later the tricycle I was using for transport business suddenly disappeared from where it was parked. I know this is also the handiwork of my ex- wife and her accomplices because they have vowed to make life unbearable for me as long as I continue with the matter.

“The only thing I need now is to get my three children back but my wife has vowed that I can never get them back, claiming that the children no longer belong to me. This is the reason I had to engage the services of a lawyer to get my children back since my wife has already made up her mind to become the unofficial second wife of the pastor. My attorney has written to Pastor Udoh, reminding him of the letter I had earlier written to him on January 17, 2013 to investigate the matter, but the head of the church in the entire Eastern region has chosen not to do his duty by sanctioning Pastor Okpulor.”

Almost in tears, Alozie said that the bubble on the relationship burst on September 26, 2012 when he came home after the day’s work and the wife refused to serve him his usual dinner but rather directed their housemaid to do so, because she was busy chatting with the pastor on the cellphone as usual. But what irked him, he said, was when his wife who was sitting in the parlour, while he was in the bedroom eating, ordered their maid to close the adjoining door so that he would not hear the conversation going on between her and the pastor. He said he had to reopen the door but the wife again shut it and at that point he inquired from her what sort of discussion was going on with the pastor that she would not want him to hear about. He said his wife insisted that the door must be closed, saying that it was a private matter.

Alozie said that it was at that point that he ordered the wife to hand over to him the BlackBerry cellphone, which, he alleged, was given to her by the pastor. Instead of handing over the phone, Alozie said the following day, the wife went to block the line at the MTN office, apparently to stop him from gaining access to the number.

“I came back from work on the evening of September 26, 2012 but instead of my wife to serve me dinner, she instructed our maid to serve me the food while she continued with her conversation with the pastor because that is what she usually does every night and I was not disturbed because Pastor Okpulor is not only the head of our church in both Imo and Anambra states but also our family friend and I went to the bedroom to eat while she was sitting in the parlour, talking with the pastor. But later, she ordered our maid to close the door connecting the parlour with the bedroom and when our maid closed the door, I ordered her to leave it open but my wife stood up from where she was sitting to close the door for the second time and I asked her what sort of conversation was going on between her and the pastor that would warrant her to close the door when I was eating in the bedroom and she replied that it was a private matter and at that point, I seized the cellphone from her.

“The following day when I refused to hand her back the phone, she went to block the line in MTN office unknown to me, because when I tried her line, it simply said that the number no longer exists. But few days later when she travelled, I decided to extract the memory card from her phone and put it in my own phone to listen to some of the church hymns which she usually plays on her phone because I equally like the songs. But to my greatest surprise, what I heard was recorded voices of her conversations with different people including my own and I was wondering how my wife would record my conversations with her.

But when I scrolled further down, I was alarmed when I heard the amorous conversations between my wife and the pastor which is terrible for any man of God to engage in with a married woman. And to be sure of what I was hearing, I had to cross-check the number and made sure that it actually belonged to Pastor Okpulor and I wept bitterly. Because it was a total betrayal for a man who I consider as a family friend to be having an affair with my wife behind my back. It is even more painful for me because whenever I have any problem with my wife, it was this same pastor that settles the problem between us.”

I got home one afternoon, Pastor Okpulor was already in my house, I greeted him and asked him if my wife had told her pastor and boss that she now drinks alcohol and obviously, Pastor Okpulor must have known that I had discovered his unholy relationship with my wife, he retorted that he did not know that my house was on fire and quickly left. When I confronted my wife about her adulterous relationship with the pastor, she had begged me to forgive her and not to expose them and I agreed on the condition that she must tell Pastor Okpulor to come with his wife so that the matter would be settled since it is a family affair.

“I reported the case to her family members and told them how my wife has turned our matrimonial home into a chalet, sleeping with the pastor who she is working with in the same office, and when her family members tried to intervene in the matter, she simply told them off, saying that she was no longer interested in the marriage. By early February 2013, she had packed all her belongings and abandoned the children and left the house before I returned from work.”

Soon After, Pastor Okpulor failed to attend meetings scheduled by the secretary of the Conference, Pastor Akubude and my church pastor to absolve himself of the allegations, I had to officially write to the overall head of the church in the Eastern region, Pastor B. E. O. Udoh on what the president in charge of Imo and Anambra conference of the church has been doing with my wife, which has led to the break up of my marriage.

“Members of the church are very disappointed in the way and manner the allegation of adultery, which is a very serious offence is being handled by the regional head of the church whom we heard is being blackmailed by the same Mrs Chinwe Alozie. When a similar case was brought against a pastor, this same Okpulor insisted that the pastor must step aside for an investigation and after which he lost his pastor’s licence. The unwillingness on the part of the regional head to sanction Pastor Okpulor who is his subordinate could only mean that he approved the actions of the pastor.”

He further revealed that because of the ugly situation, some members of the church who were to wed in the church last year refused to allow Pastor Okpulor to perform the solemnization of their marriage.

He also disclosed that the regional head of the church, Pastor Udoh has also ignored the letter written to him by the attorney of Deacon Alozie demanding for action on the matter.

Another member of the church who simply identified himself as Nnamdi said that the leaders of the church were treating the matter with levity because Alozie is a poor man. Nnamdi who said he was disgusted with the church leaders whom he described as Pharisees disclosed that he had already decided to stop attending the church as long as Pastor Ukpulor remained the head of the Conference of Imo and Anambra states.

When contacted, Pastor Okpulor said that he needed the clearance of his superiors to make further comments on the issue.

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