Kakistocracy disguished as Democracy. The commonality between these two words is Crazy.  In Nigeria today as it was yesterday, we have governmental issues, corrupt officials and lawmakers, elders state thieves etc.  Still using analog brains to tackle issues of the digital age.
Its stories and accusations, we hear about missappropriation of billions meant for infastructure and development stolen from government. Some of these same people Fela Kuti sang about and compliained bitterly against still ruled us and are still ruling us to date. All you hear is Fela don talk am!  Now it is time to hear, not to join issues with our baba’s(fathers) as a true african, who respect’s his elders. Fela warned us about two pasts military heads of state that became civilian presidents, Una no hear! Now, it is time. Make Una hear! We live in a country where the rich baba living comfortably in government collecting huge salaries are the thieves, where the men in charge of security with guns are the armed robbers. Where politicians and political thugs are from the same “party” and “party” to together. A country in the 21st century where cows have the right of way. All we asking for is our basic needs “water,light, food, house wetin do them”. We want security, democracy, Justice, human right.
Voting is a survival tactic. Poverty is worst than death but my people don’t know. VOTE OR DIE.  #youths #pvc #voteordie #ogbologbo_wonderland


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