Wonderland acoustic: Wonders shall never end, in fact wonder has just begun, ogbologbo_wonderland slams Nigeria government/senators for their fockery.



Wonderland acoustic: Tony wonderland aka ogbologbo wonderland is a musician, song writer, composer and super guitarist.  ogbologbo music is the reflection of the social, political and psychological climate of the world with Nigeria at the core.
Ogbologbo wonderland is the voice of the people that exist and need to be heard. Music is a weapon and Afrobeatcoustic is our choice of weapon, armed with acoustic guitar, congas, tight rhythms section with
orchestrated melodic horn sections and structured vocal styles.
Ogbologbo music is for all season reflecting on life and culture in all its diversity. The music contains a wide variety of musical styles and African expressions, focusing on the present state of Nigeria and also looking at the past from a fresh perspective.
Ogbologbo wonderland is about freedom. Freedom for all citizen or nation, youth or adults, workers and rebel music lovers.
Afrobeatcoustìc music is resilience against oppression, humor amidst pain and dance during struggle. Mother Africa has exported her philosophy of grace and style through great music. Music conquers forces of hate, intolerance and social ignorance. The new generation of Afrobeat, Afrobeatcoustic comprised of those who are too smart to be fooled by insincere dogma, too strong to be denied economic freedom and not too sexy to party to good music!!! We are the intellects that know
democracy from hypocrisy,  ideas from rhetoric.
@ogbologbo_wonderland is the product of the biggest, baddest and blackest city in Africa, Lagos.

connect on twitter @tony_wonderland IG @ogbologbo_wonderland


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