Nneka Adams


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Nneka Adams (born July 8 1982) is a Nigerian actress, film writer, and producer form Delta state, Nigeria and a Canadian citizen but grew up in Lagos, the second of six children and was brought up in a middle class environment. she attended MaryMount College, before transferring into the University of Lagos where she graduated with degree in Philosophy. While at the university, she began auditioning for acting jobs in Nollywood. She is the founder and CEO of Adams Universal film, a film, television and advertising production company. Nneka Adams is described as one who “seeks to raise the standard of film production in Nigeria and Africa by telling progressive African stories as seen through the eyes of Africans. According to her, she went into movies to change the way Nigeria was portrayed. Her films are also known for their “fierce female leads, as they portray African women with agency who can be breadwinners and lead complex lives. Nneka Adams started her acting career as a child actress at the age of 17 when she was in high school. Nneka started auditioning for roles in NOLLYWOOD movies when was in Unilag as an undergraduate studying Philosophy & with no luck getting any role till she graduated. In 2012, Nneka got her first role in one of NOLLYWOOD biggest blog buster that year tittled “LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA”. Being her dream since when she was in high school and as an undergraduate in the University, she took the next flight to Nigeria as she already relocated to Canada where she has Job which pay her in 6 figures according to her. Ever since she featured in “LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA”, she has acted in few other projects…

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