‘Part 3 of Miss Anambra s3x tape lasted one hour, ‘more brutal’ than first 2 videos’


More trouble is looming for dethroned Miss Anambra 2015, Chidinma Okeke, if the word of a source from Awka, Anambra State, is anything to go by.
Vanguard reports that the source who pledged anonymity said that the current trending videos online are mild and alleged that Chidinma also engaged in more acts which lasted over one hour. And that the part 3 of her sexcapades which may surface soon, is ‘more brutal’ than what was seen in the first two videos that have been released.
Chidinma also engaged in more explicit sexual acts which lasted over one hour
The source went ahead to reveal that the ex-beauty queen knows the person releasing the video as against what she claimed. He said the whole episode is as a result of a deal gone wrong, a deal made between the beauty queen and one chief, whose name is being fiercely guarded.

The source said:
“First, this is an investment gone wrong. Chief (name not disclosed) sponsored Chidinma Okeke to win the pageant. Chief spent up to N 2million to ensure she emerged as the winner against other beautiful contestants. Chief also budgeted for her wardrobe and makeover pre and post beauty contest. The money was released in trenches to Miss Anambra. Chief also took her to various countries including Germany where she met other models based on the contract terms which Miss Chidinma signed with Chief.
“Part of the agreement stipulates that Chief would make her a big model and whatever proceeds that come during her reign would be shared as specified in the contract terms. Chidinma consented and signed the deal.

“Chidinma emerged as the winner of Miss Anambra, got higher connections and wanted to opt out from the contract without repaying all the expenses Chief incurred. Chief warned of the consequences, but she remained adamant. Chief released a picture to her requesting she comply with the payment and remit the money she is holding before her tenure comes to an end. Chidinma feigned ignorance and even boasted that Chief cannot do anything. It was alleged that she disclosed to a close friend that if chief tried to do anything, they would get him arrested. That was the beginning of the leak. Information available also claimed that the current trending video online is mild. That they have one showing longer sex action by Chidinma.
“Based on the above information, and the fact that Chidinma was a consenting adult as at the time the contract was signed, which reasonably supports the logic behind Chidinma’s silence towards naming the perpetrators; I will advise the family to quit the threat they are making to the man and settle this amicably off the media to avoid further embarrassment for my state, other ‘responsible’ beauty pageants because this is seriously casting them in bad light.” 

Hmnn..nawa oh!


  1. What sort of nonsense is the source saying…let them settle the amicably when u have gone this far.eventhough initially it sounds like fun but with all sense of humility this is already getting out of hand.No matter what the contract terms could have been,I don’t think any human being deserve this kind of inhumane treatment.The useless chief they claim keep really this series of videos just to justify that he can blackmail anyone should also realize that wise men choose to ignore and move forward than retaliate back at people not because they don’t know how to retaliate but because their deep knowledge about life events makes them know this only cause nothing but to induce a cascade.Maybe you think her family will just forgive u after all you have done.You probably in your thinking conclude that u have succeeded in blackmailing her but I hope u realize it has now gone beyond her,now it’s extended to her family,friends and lovers and am very sure u will regret it,your family will also regret it too cos am sure u also have a daughter and u can wait till later to see what can happen to her.useless, shameless,lazy man.wait till someone do the same for you daughter or maybe even your wife den u definitely will understand how truly it feels to be in this shoe.now he is bragging to really another video as if it’s fun anylonger and as if the blackmail is not enough already.people like you should be thrown into the red sea.rubbishman.

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