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How Tyga made his millions from Porn,Sneakers and tours

Since  Tyga gifted girlfriend Kylie Jenner with a $320,000 brand new white Ferrari for her 18th birthday this week, his finances have come under question as many wonder when he got so rich.
According to an article by UK Mirror , the 25 year-old might not be as famous as his 18 year-old girlfriend, but when it comes to money the Rack City star is definitely seeing the dollar signs rolling in.

His latest record – The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty – might have bombed, selling just 2,200 copies in it’s first week, but don’t let that fool you. Tyga – which stands for Thank You God Always – is making some serious dosh.

While The Gold Album might not have set the charts alight, he still reportedly picked up over $300,000 for the effort and after his last six records – including his collaboration with Chris Brown Fan of A Fan – he’s earned around $1,277,373

According to Forbes, Tyga is one of the most lucrative Hip-Hop artists earning an estimated $50,000 for each night. His 22 date tour with Chris Brown reportedly earned $5,842,657 – with one gig at the Forum bringing in $1,501,732 alone.

Clothing Line
Tyga is making money outside music and like many business-savvy stars has his own clothing line – Last Kings. He picks up 10% of the companies earnings and as $3 million was made in 2012, it is a pretty lucrative venture for the star.
He’s also into shoes and in 2013 signed a $1.5 million deal with Reebok to produce a the TRAWW collection. He didn’t stop there are earlier this year launched a new footwear line with L.A. Gear with one pair going for $120.

It’s not just clothes – Tyga does accessories too and has his own Gold Pharaoh Watch range.

Porn site
One venture you don’t hear much about is Tyga’s porn site – yeah porn – he launched www.rackcityxxx.com in 2012 and even starred in one of the x-rated productions – Rack City: The Movie.
Speaking about his adult movie debut, Tyga admitted he’s been interested in porn for a while, he said at the time: “I just felt like now was a time that I wanted to be involved in the sexual part of it—how far can I actually go without actually doing porn? I think every guy thinks about that,”
  The site apparently earned an estimated $12,000 in the first month.

How much is he ACTUALLY worth?
Most estimates put Tyga’s net worth at between 5-8 million, but with a new App and reality TV show Kingin’ with Tyga out this summer expect that figure to rise.

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