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Doctor’ Ishola Oyenusi, A Notorious Nigerian Robber.

‘Doctor’ Ishola Oyenusi is a name etched in the history of Nigeria as one of the most violent armed robbers, a criminal who unleashed boundless terror on many Nigerians. But who was he and what did he do that his name was associated with
so much notoriety?

The Nigerian Civil War had just ended in 1970 but by the early 1970s, a stone-hearted armed robber,
Ishola Oyenusi (he called himself Dr. Oyenusi
even. if he never finished the secondary school),
was terrorising all of Lagos, Nigeria’s largest commercial centre. Before one tale of his daring exploits died down, another one had sprung up. Oyenusi was no ordinary pilferer, this snitcher was downright. wicked and had all the self-confidence
in the world. to go with it.

And you know something? He was quite romantic
and chivalrous. There was a story of how he
snatched his first car on Herbert Macaulay Road in Yaba, Lagos. Why? His girlfriend was broke. He eventually sold the car for N400 but the sad part
was that in the process of stealing the car, the poor owner was shot dead. He actually snatched the first car he saw on the road. Such was the ferocious
nature of his audacity.
Oyenusi’s arrogance was also legendary. In 1970,
he was arrested and handcuffed by a police officer.
As the policeman was ordering him around, Oyenusi
blasted him and thundered:

‘People like you don’t talk to me like that when I am
armed. I gun them down.‘

Hmmm, but that was not all. Oyenusi was so feared
that when the famed movie director, Chief Eddie
Ugbomah made a film titled The Rise and Fall of Dr.
Oyenusi in 1977, there was no one bold enough to
come forward to act the role of the armed robber
because they feared his members would show them
shege. Ugbomah had no other option but to act the
role himself with the feature film depicting the
senseless violence of armed robberies and the
absolutely atrocious manner by which lives of
innocent Nigerians were snuffed out. But there was
one interesting thing that happened: a medical
doctor by the name of Dr. Oyenusi was so mad at
the film producer that he headed for the court trying to stop the shooting of the movie.

Actually, Ugbomah was threatened. He received a
letter from thieves who invaded and looted his
provision store, carting away all they could. In the
letter, they promised to return his goods if he would
only stop shooting the film in which he exposed the
support received by the armed robbers from their
‘godfathers’ and even high-ranking officers in the
Nigerian Armed Forces. The stubborn Ugbomah
called their bluff and went ahead with the
16mm-flick (kindly send us a clip of this film if you have one).
Ugbomah would later produce many other films such
as Death of a Black President (1983), Esan (Nemesis),
The Mask and Vengeance of the Cult in 1985.

In the 1970s, Oyenusi was no doubt the uncrowned
emperor of Nigerian robbers and he is described as
the ‘first celebrated armed robber in Nigeria’. He is
regarded by some as the pioneer of conventional
armed robbery in Nigeria. When Oyenusi reigned at
the height of his regal confidence, he declared:
‘The bullet has no power.‘

As at that time, armed robbers were condemned to
death and thousands joyfully came out to ‘enjoy’
the grisly public executions before the firing squad on the pristine beaches of Lagos. Although Nigeria no longer has very ‘famous’ bandits and thieves like
Anini (at teh age of 26, Lawrence Nomayagbon
Anini was the most notorious robber in Nigeria),
Babatunde Folorunsho, Monday Osunbor, Shina
Rambo, Buraimoh Jimoh, Oyenusi, ‘Mighty Joe’,
‘Captain Blood’ and George Iyamu (a former Deputy
Superintendent of Police who was Anini’s collaborator), armed robbery is nonetheless a major
problem in the nation.


In March 1971, Oyenusi was nabbed by the
Nigerian Police after he organized a robbery in
which $28,000 (value as at that time) was stolen. They killed a police constable in the process. Although the first public execution of robbers had taken place in April 1971, that of Oyenusi and his criminal allies was a special case and the Lagos government took time to prepare the grounds at the Bar Beach.

By, officials were already at the execution
arena to check the whole place just to ensure that
everything went on ‘well’. A combined team of police officers and soldiers struggled to contain the surging crowd of thousands of excited spectators.
At about 9.15 am, a team of Lagos City Council workers came to the execution arena with empty mock coffins which they calmly laid behind the execution stand.
Obviously, they were there to make fun of a man
who had sent so much terror into their hearts.
About half an hour later, eight robbers were led to
the execution stand…


On the day of Oyenusi’s execution, over 30,000
Nigerians trooped to the famous Bar Beach (armed
robberies were quite rare then and when it
happened, it was the gist of the town for months so the considerably high level of the people’s curiosity
can be appreciated). While some in the crowd jeered
and booed Oyenusi and his Gang of Seven, some of
his friends and family members present could not
hold back their tears. But for most of the witnesses,
it was good riddance to bad nonsense. As for Oyenusi, he was smiling, smiling to the last but the agony on his face too was unmistakable. But just
few minutes before his body was riddled with hot-leaded bullets from stern-faced soldiers of the Nigerian Army, he finally confessed saying:

‘I am dying for the offence I have committed.‘

Two army trucks and a black van conveyed
them to the firing spot. Oyenusi was in the black
van. In seconds, three soldiers flew out of the army trucks and proceeded to the black van inside which was Nigeria’s most dreaded armed robber.
The soldiers came to a screeching halt and stood at attention by the van. All of a sudden, one of them
let out a shrill command! The door was flung open and slowly, Oyenusi appeared from within the darkness of the Black Maria. As if the heavens were in. concert, dark clouds had formed over the Bar Beach. He was cloaked in a dark long-sleeved shirt and his hands were tied behind his back. He spotted
a pair of dark loafers and his trousers were wrinkled. Sweating profusely, he kept throwing fast glances around as if he was looking for someone as he surveyed the crowd who had thronged the beach to simply see him die.

As the soldiers grabbed and tied him to the pole, he
was still scanning through the crowd. One of the
giggling spectators in the crowd whispered to the
next ‘Who is he looking for?‘. Smartly, seven soldiers formed a lethal line in front of Oyenusi. A soldier let out a fierce command to the sharpshooters. All of them took aim at Oyenusi. The next voice
reverberated all over Nigeria:


Like an electrocuted being, his body shook vigorously as he slumped and went limp around the pole that held his remains.

Truly, it’s pays to have a good name rather riches rooted with bad controversy.


3 Signs You’re Not Good in Bed & Your Lady Will Soon Leave You


When it comes to the bedroom department, nothing can break a man’s heart faster than the realization that he cannot satisfy his woman; luckily for many people however, this is a situation that can be remedied by taking appropriate steps.

The truth is, if you do not even realize there is a problem, you may end up as one of those men whose women get driven into the arms of another man (sometimes even their house helps, gatemen, drivers), due to dissatisfaction; this is because, whether you believe it or not, most women won’t bother talking to you about it before looking for a better lover.
So, wondering if perhaps you are not hitting the right buttons when in bed with your woman? Here are 3 signs that should sound a warning alarm in your head:

1. She NEVER initiates S3x:

Dear men, don’t be deceived, WOMEN LOVE S3X JUST AS MUCH AS MEN! And the truth is, if you are giving it good to her, she will keep coming back for more. So if you see that you are always the one to make a move EVERY SINGLE TIME, bros, that woman is not enjoying the pepper soup you are serving her in bed oh! Upgrade your game before it is too late.
We know that not everyone is born great in bed, but love making can be likened to cooking – just like when you are making pepper soup, you know you can always get better seasoning to make it more delicious, in the same way, you can also get better seasoning to SPICE THINGS UP IN THE BEDROOM and make that woman want more and more of you till she starts to demand it! 

2. Lovemaking is boring and seems like work to her:

 This one is pretty obvious na! When you are making love to your woman and she just lies down there unresponsive like a log of wood and praying you just hurry up and finish so she can go and do something better like watch Telemundo, this is a sure sign that something is very wrong with your own MAN CHANNEL and you are not making her happy at.

If S3x starts to seem like what she agrees to just so that you can allow her rest, hmmnn…bros, you need to do something about your instrument and skills fast before she finds another man to do your work for you. There are natural and safe ways to enhance your performance and even increase the size of your manhood, don’t dull yourself.

3. She simply does not let you touch her anymore:

Guys, if things have gotten to this stage already, there is a really big problem! In fact, you are lucky she has not dumped you yet because she obviously sees S3x with you as a waste of time. ACT FAST NOW BEFORE YOU LOSE THAT WOMAN COMPLETELY.
Look, if a woman you call your wife won’t let you touch her again, or even your girlfriend who is not being stopped by her religious beliefs or desire to stay celibate till marriage suddenly starts resisting your touch for NO REASON, do you need a native doctor to explain to you that she considers you a waste of time in bed? This is a sure sign that she has given up on you and your weak performance – she simply has lost interest because you are not getting her satisfied at all.

Panic! Prepare to die if you are going to Mecca this year – Muslim Cleric says


On a shocking note, an Abuja-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Yahya Al-Yolawi, has advised intending pilgrims to settle their debts and leave their wills behind before travelling to Saudi Arabia.

On Friday, August 26,  in Abuja, Al-yolawi, who is the Chief Imam of Area 10 Mosque, made the call while delivering Jumma’at sermon title: “Essential tips for Hajj Preparations.”

“An intending pilgrim should settle his debts and leave behind him a clear record as well as writing all his wills or what he intends to pass to his family,’’ he said.

Explaining, the cleric said the need to leave a will behind is because the journey to Holy land may be the final journey for a pilgrim.

According to Premium Times, he explained that hajj was a unique and extra ordinary journey in the life time of all pilgrims, adding that it was an invitation from Allah to the most famous acts of worship.

The cleric also said that journey to hajj required high level of patience, because it was always accompanied with difficulties ranging from fatigue to physical and social abnormalities as well as intolerance from other pilgrims.

“One should not allow Shaitan (devil) to hijack him and spoil his hajj out of ignorance or annoyance,” he said.

“This emphasises on the importance of piety as first ingredient of one’s journey to Mecca, which means to maintain good relationship with your Lord by devoting yourself to obey him.

The intention behind one’s journey to hajj must be for the sake of Allah alone as whoever performs any act of worship in order to please people or gain popularity has spoilt his action.

Prophets Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: learn your rituals from me, for I do not know whether I would be performing Hajj after this Hajj of mine,” (Muslim Hadith no 1297).”

Al-Yolawi also admonished pilgrims that they should ensure that their sources of  income are clean and legitimate as that would please Allah.

On taking photographs, he warned that it was wrong to take photographs for whatever purpose while observing hajj rite, saying that such action could contradict pilgrims’ sincerity of performing hajj for the sake of Allah.

Similarly, the cleric said women having their monthly period should be in a state of Ihram when they pass the Miqat, adding that they should shower and do Talbiyah like everyone else.

Mr. Al-Yolawi, therefore, prayed to Allah to continue to protect Islam and safeguard Nigerian pilgrims as they take off to Saudi Arabia.

“May the Lord accept their Hajj, prayers, grant their supplications and bring them back to us safely and peacefully,’’ he said.

File photo of pilgrims boarding

BREAKING: Bomb blast rocks Delta state


Emerging reports suggest that a bomb has gone off at the Secretariat of the Isoko Development Union in Oleh, a university town in Delta state.

Sources reveal that the huge blaze ripped through the facility, popularly known as Isoko House, hours after the union began its annual conference there.

According to Premium Times, the incident appeared to be a coordinated attack, but authorities stressed that no group has claimed responsibility as at 5:00pm on Friday, August 26.

The Niger Delta, where Delta State is situated in Nigeria’s oil-rich south, has witnessed an escalation of hostilities in recent months, as militants targeted oil installations in a sustained effort to force the hands of the Nigerian government to up the region’s share of oil revenues.

Meanwhile, the union has resumed the event with its annual award ceremony currently underway, the witness said.

Kogi state Governor Escapes Death As He got Stoned By Angry Residents


Kogi state Governor Escapes Death As He got Stoned By Angry Residents

Some aggrieved residents on Friday stoned Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello, as he emerged from a mosque where he observed Jumat prayer in Lokoja, the state capital, it was gathered.
It is not immediately clear why the residents carried out the attack against Mr. Bello, but witnesses said the incident occurred at the Lokoja Central Mosque in the old market area of the capital.

A source who confirmed the development to this newspaper said the disgruntled persons also carried few placards while chanting anti-government slogans. The source also said Mr. Bello was pelted with rotten fruits and vegetables.
The police dispersed the crowd with teargas soon afterwards, the source said.

“The situation in this state is even worse than what the residents are doing. The situation is pathetic,” the source said.
An official in the state said that was the second time in two weeks the governor would be so attacked as complaints mount about the depreciating living conditions in the state.
“He recently attended an event in Ankpa, and residents there defied heavy security to stone him,” the official said. “We don’tunderstand what’s going on.”
Kogi State Government spokespersons, Kingsley Fanwo and Gbenga Olorunpomi, could not be reached for comment for this reports.

Father Burns Daughter’s Private Parts, Eyes With Hot Iron (Photo)


A 45-year-old father, Identified as Surakat Idowu, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly brutalising his five-year-old daughter with a hot iron on the face and in her private parts.
A popular daily report that a neighbour who witnessed the incident in the Ikotun area of the state immediately alerted the police at the Ikotun Division.
The nursery school girl was reportedly blinded by the burns she suffered on the face, while her private parts were swollen.
A neighbour who narrated what happened to the daily said it all started when the girl slipped while going to pour the faeces into the latrine. “The mechanic had a quarrel with his wife and divorced her in 2013 when the girl was just two years old.
”On that Monday, he asked her to go and dispose of her faeces in a potty in a latrine at the backyard of the house. But the area was slippery and the girl fell, splashing the faeces on the floor.
“The father became angry and got a hot iron. He began to beat her with the hot surface of the iron until the girl’s face became swollen. We tried to caution him, but he would not listen. That was how the matter got to the police, the neighbour added.
It was further gathered that the state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, who confirmed the arrest had directed that the case be transferred from the Ikotun Police Division to the Gender Unit at the command headquarters, Ikeja.
While confirming the case, the Lagos State Domestic and S3xual Violence Response Team, DSVRT, Coordinator, Lola Vivour-Adeniyi, said, “The victim is presently receiving treatment in a hospital due to the severe burns. The police have assured that the suspect will be prosecuted.
”When the victim completes medical treatment, she will be taken into protective custody,” she added.

You won’t believe what this woman was caught doing in a bank (photo)


A middle-aged woman was caught stealing from another customer in a Kenyan bank.

The woman who was eventually paraded on the streets of Ruiru town in Kenya, had reportedly stolen 5,000 Kenyan Shillings (N15,000) from a customer at the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).

After she was caught stealing the cash from the customer’s bag through the CCTV camera, a makeshift placard which had the inscription “I am a thief. Mimi ni mwizi.” was placed on her in order to shame her for her actions.

The bank’s operations manager confirmed the incident, adding that the woman was arrested and is currently being held at the Ruiru police station.

The culprit is allegedly part of a three-member gang who had come to steal. The other two escaped after their partner was caught.

For trying to rape a lady, see what happened to university student (photo)


A student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK), was severely injured after jumping down storey building in failed attempt to rape lady on Thursday, August 25.
The unnamed male attempted to rape the lady at the female hostel block A by 3:45am. The girl then raised alarm by screaming at the top of her voice and in a bid to escape, he jumped down from the second floor of the hostel and landed in a gutter and was arrested later.

UNIZIK student

SEE 6 areas where President Buhari is searching for oil in Nigeria (LIST)


Dr. Maikanti Baru, the group managing director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has listed six areas where the government of Muhammadu Buhari is searching for oil.

Mr Baru was speaking while receiving the leadership of National Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) led by its national president Nosa Omorodion in Abuja on August 25, Thursday.

He advised the association to explore the hydrocarbon potentials of green frontier basins in six areas in order to increase the reducing reserves in the country.

Baru stated that the Nigerian authorities would be willing to make provisions for inducements for such prospective investors.

The areas where there are prospects of oil and gas listed by NNPC director are:

1. The Chad Basin,

2. Anambra,

3. Bida,

4. Dahomey,

5. Gongola/Yola

6. Benue Trough

He further advised NAPE to play a key role in endorsing public private partnership in the exploration of some of the green frontier basins.

On his own part, Omorodion, the president of NAPE, felicitated with the GMD on his appointment, saying that NAPE would confer on him a honourary membership award which was the highest award from the association due to his outstanding track records in the Nigerian oil and gas industry in November this year.

Following President Buhari’s order, the exploration of crude oil has officially started in the north-east of Nigeria two weeks ago.

Police apprehends bank driver who fled with company car to Kaduna


Operatives of the Nigerian police on Wednesday, August 24, arrested a Lagos-based driver, Nicodemus Jonathan, for allegedly absconding to Kaduna with a car belonging to his employer, Asset Management Plc on Ozumba Mbadiwe road, Victoria Island.

The 29-year-old man was said to have driven away a Honda Civic saloon car to Kaduna on August 12, when he told his boss that he was going to pump the tyres of the vehicle that he had earlier complained of at 11.20am.

Jonathan, was arraigned yesterday before S. K. Matepo of an Igbosere Magistrates’ court, Lagos on a two-count charge of stealing and breach of peace.

Prosecuting counsel Friday Mameh, alleged that Jonathan stole a Honda Civic marked EPE 42 DU, valued at N6.5 million.

“The defendant told his boss that he was going to pump the tyres of the vehicle which he had earlier complained of around 11.20am, but he collected the key and bolted with the car.

“He was apprehended on August 24 in Kaduna, at the point of selling the car, with the help of the tracking device attached to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Jonathan denied the charge, and his counsel, Mrs Loveth Orumbe, applied for his bail on liberal terms.

Magistrate Matepo granted him N1 million bail with two sureties in the like sum, and adjourned the case till September 12.

The sureties must be employees of reputable multinational companies and one of them must also be his blood relation, the court held.

Operatives of the Nigerian police have recently smash an armed robbery gang in Enugu.

The robbers numbering about four reportedly held Edinburgh axis to a standstill, shooting sporadically before the operatives of the command acting on the report swooped on them. The state police command has released a statement detailing how the robbery gang was smashed by gallant men of the force.

Pic below The suspect, Nicodemus Jonathan

I am going to be a God soon – popular pastor boasts


Controversial Ghanaian pastor, Bishop Daniel Obinim has revealed how he got his massive wealth and how he might soon go from being an angel to becoming God himself.

Founder of International God’s Way church and lover of controversy, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has once again drawn attention to himself.

The bishop who was recently arrested on suspicions of fraud few days after he hit the headlines for flogging a pregnant teenage member of his church, revealed how he came into sudden wealth through ‘God’.

Speaking in an interview with Joy News, Obinim said:

“I have more than 20 houses given to me by Jesus Christ. I had about eight Range Rover cars which I gifted to my pastors. I had five Infinity SUVs and three Chrysler’s which I also gifted to my pastors because my car is ‘AUTOBIOGRAPHY’, meaning the car’s brain power is superior to that of a human being. If you cross that car, it stops automatically, and its door is not slammed, it shuts by itself. It is also bulletproof.”

Obinim went further to explain how he got spiritual gifts from God and how he may soon be ‘promoted’ from being an angel to becoming God.

Here’s what he said below:

“I saw Jesus Christ in my dreams, who said: ‘Collect this angelic gift.’ So, if I’m faithful to Jesus Christ, maybe the next spiritual gift He will confer on me will be a replica of what happened in Exodus Chapter 7 in the Bible where God told Moses: ‘Now I’ve made you God, so whatever you say is final. But now God has not made me God. Maybe the next time God will say: ‘Obinim, now I’ve made you a god, you can even conjure up money.”

Hmmmm…What do you think?

Pic below Bishop Daniel Obinim

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